The Beekeeper

A set of images including the tree-lined entry to Cassegrain Winery, a jar of Bloodwood Honey from The Beekeeper, a large round timber Cassegrain wines barrell and decorative pictures from the winery

The Beekeeper’s Honey Now Available at Cassegrain Wines, Port Macquarie

Have you been to Cassegrain Wines, just minutes off the Pacific Highway near the Port Macquarie turn off? If not – or if not recently – it might be time to check it out again!

The beautiful entrance leads to an atmospheric cellar door where you’re surrounded by barrels and barrels of wine, huge stainless steel tanks, and the busy workings of winemakers.

And now, the team at Cassegrain Wines have chosen to stock the shelves with not just a lovely variety of wines and ports, but to also showcase the products of local producers within a 100km range. And that includes our 100% pure and NSW harvested honey.

We had such a fun honey tasting session there the other day with the cellar door and wine making team – it was great to see their seasoned wine palettes picking up all the different notes in our honey harvests! It’s interesting too that up near Bago Bluff where they get some of their grapes from, it’s also near where our bees bring in some delicious local honey too!

At Cassegrain’s cellar door you can now find jars from The Beekeeper’s current harvests including yellow box, ironbark and bloodwood honey.

Honey is a lot like wine in that the terroir (the characteristics of the environment it’s produced in) has a huge impact on the quality, quantity and unique taste of each year’s harvest.

Alongside our honey you’ll also discover other local produce including the Baagi Milaygiin / Grandmother’s Spirit range of Aboriginal Bush Beauty products including natural balms and skincare, caringly crafted by Deb Munson.

And Barbushco Native Tastes food products are also available including their delicious rosella jam.

With plenty more local producers set to line the shelves soon, this is your chance to pick up some of the best of the area’s produce, enjoy a wine tasting and relaxing visit, and all just minutes from the Pacific Highway near the Port Macquarie turnoff.

If you can’t make it to Cassegrain Wines any time soon, you can also find where to buy our honey at markets and through retailers via our honey stockists page. You can access our full range at the Port Central Real Food Markets in downtown Port Macquarie every Tuesday (weather dependent) or buy online too. But hey…why wouldn’t you combine a great day out at a winery with a chance to buy local too. Enjoy!