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The BeeKeeper® had it’s early beginnings in New South Wales in 1899.

Over many generations as Australian beekeepers, we’ve mastered the craft of beekeeping and the science behind bringing you only the very best and sustainably harvested Australian honey from the bush to your home.

Today, we continue to supply delicious honey, just as our great grandparents used to harvest and enjoy with their families in 1899. And we look after the whole process ourselves – from caring for the bees to harvesting, bottling and labelling.

Our honey-processing facility on the Mid North Coast of NSW complies with Australia’s food safety and food hygiene requirements. We are B-QUAL accredited to the highest level and meet HACCP standards.

Our bees only feed on native flowers in the Australian bush, and we don’t blend our honey, so each of our honey harvests has a distinctive flavour, unlike anything you’d find in the shops.

australian beekeepers
australian beekeepers

Our honey is all-natural and free from any harmful chemicals, preservatives or additives. It’s extracted using the latest technology and equipment so you and your family get maximum goodness.

When you buy honey from The BeeKeeper®, you’ll also be supporting a local business of Australian Beekeepers and community of workers. Your purchases help us to continue passing on our knowledge, passion and beekeeping expertise. Because it’s not just a business for us, it’s our legacy.

The BeeKeeper® supplies honey from the bush to your home. And how good does honey straight from the bush taste? Simply divine!

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australian beekeepers


Our family have been Australian beekeepers for four generations on the NSW mid-north coast. We take pride in running our family business and looking after our bees. Enjoy the purest form of our sweet and luscious honey direct from the bush to your breakfast table. No additives ever!

australian bush honey



Daryl is a fourth-generation beekeeper and the owner of The Beekeeper Group. As a child, he remembers visiting different forests with his dad and brother to check what flowers were in season, rolling child-sized drums of honey, and later on learning the craft of beekeeping from the ground up. As head beekeeper proudly producing some of Australia’s finest honey, Daryl gets a buzz from being out in the bush with the bees. He also has a keen interest in climate, the environment and bee health.