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creamed honey on toast


What is Creamed Honey and Where Can You Buy It?

If you’re looking for that old-fashioned, delicious, creamed honey of your childhood, whipped till it’s the smoothest honey you’ve ever tasted – you’ve found it here at The BeeKeeper®.

So tasty, smooth and creamy, with a pure natural sweetness that goes perfectly with butter and toast, crumpets or muffins, our creamed honey will bring back all those childhood memories.

And if you haven’t tasted Australian creamed honey – prepare to be bee-lighted! Our latest batch of creamed honey is available in our online shop now.

What is creamed honey (some people call it ‘whipped honey’) and how do you make it?

We start by harvesting honey from our bees and then choose the harvest with the best flavour profile – a honey that is delicate, light, and just the right amount of sweet works best for creamed honey!

We then introduce a starter culture from one of our other honey harvests that has already candied (i.e. naturally crystallised). Think of it as a little bit like a sourdough culture that you use to get the process started.

The next step is to pour it all into our special, stainless steel honey creaming tank. In the honey creamer, the honey and crystallised starter honey is slowly moved around and whipped. This process goes on for hours and hours, the honey being delicately aerated and the honey crystals being slowly dispersed and rounded until the resulting honey becomes soft on the palate and creamy.

The final step in the creation of our 100% natural NSW creamed honey is that we cool it and hold it a specific cold temperature until it ‘sets’ in the tubs.

On the labels go and our creamed honey is ready for you to buy or gift and enjoy!

Who makes creamed honey in Australia?

We do! And you can enjoy it even more knowing that the beekeepers who harvest your honey (us!), are also the ones who cream it and bottle it. That way nothing can be introduced along the supply chain. When you buy from The Beekeeper(TM), you really are buying direct from the beekeepers who harvest, cream and pack your honey.

If you’d like to get some creamed honey for yourself or someone special today, stock up soon as we don’t make creamed honey all year round – especially in the summer months when we’re busy out with the bees and don’t have as much time in the honey shed to craft creamed honey.

And…did we mention how absolutely delicious creamed honey is?! Especially melting on top of hot toast and butter…YUM!

You can buy our creamed honey online here.

NB: Due to quarantine laws, our honey and beeswax is not able to be sent from NSW to WA or Kangaroo Island. Please do not order for delivery to these regions.