The Beekeeper

hand-dipped pure beeswax candles australia

We love seeing what craftspeople and balm-makers make with our beeswax harvests, and these hand-dipped beeswax candles made our eyes light up!

They’re just gorgeous, with the perfect taper to accompany an elegant dinner or to make the most of your candelabra.

Imagine them illuminating your home – the gentle scent of pure, non-toxic beeswax and such a beautiful natural colour!

You can tell they’re made by an Australian artisan too, rather than a machine. And they’re made with pure beeswax – not paraffin or soy or other chemicals – so hooray for that! How do we know? Because when you buy beeswax from us, you’re buying direct from the actual beekeeper, we know the forests our bees have been in, and we harvest, melt and ship the beeswax ourselves. It’s 100% NSW, 100% Australian, 100% from our bees, 100% bee-autiful!

So, who used our beeswax to make these hand-dipped tapered dinner candles? Laura Casey of Bend of Isles!

Laura is also a jewellery maker, her pieces inspired by nature. And we couldn’t bee happier that she’s now working with out beeswax. It really makes all the hard work worthwhile to see artisans creating with our produce, so thank you so much Laura!

You can buy Laura’s hand-dipped beeswax candles (if in stock) at her site, Bend of Isles.

If, however, you would like to buy some of our pure beeswax for your crafting needs, or to make soaps, balms, beeswax wraps, furniture polish, candles or artwork, you can order from our site right here. You can also pick up blocks of our beeswax from the Real Food Markets in Port Macquarie (perhaps order ahead so we know how much to bring). We are also able to supply beeswax in bulk quantities if needed.

Here’s to seeing the light – choose pure Australian beeswax for your next candles! And give gifts of the candles from Bend of Isles to the special people in your life.