The Beekeeper

What’s the best honey to sweeten tea?

Do you add honey to your tea? We sure do.

When we’re out in the field with the bees on a cold morning (like this morning when this pic was taken), we put the billy on to heat up a cuppa or two and are lucky to have that magic ingredient right on hand – a teaspoon or two of honey – to sweeten the brew.

One of the best honeys to sweeten tea is yellow box as it’s so delicate so doesn’t alter the flavour too much, except to enhance it with it’s natural sweetness.

NSW has an abundance of yellow box, as well as our other favourites ironbark, stringy bark, bloodwood and apple box. So if you like a cup of tea, taste your way through some of our different harvests to discover your fave – and enjoy knowing your honey is from the great Australian outdoors. When you buy your honey from The BeeKeeper® (and our ranges Honey & Earth® and Bees & Us®) you know it’s going to be delicious!