The Beekeeper

Nature in a bottle, nature at the beehives

When you talk about outdoor jobs and jobs in nature, being a beekeeper would have to be right up there at the top!

As beekeepers we spend a lot of time out in the field working with our bees, checking on their health, making room in the hive for more delicious honey. The BeekeeperĀ® team are constantly surrounded by blossoms and nectar and pollen and whatever the weather conditions are on the day.

Coming into summer we also clear a small area around the hives to reduce the risk and impact of potential bushfires (there have already been plenty of fires in NSW this Spring, and we’re not even into summer yet). Doing a small clear in front of the hives also makes it easier for the bees to make a beeline into their hives rather than having to dodge obstacles such as grass and weeds.

But it’s not just us out in nature with the bees, we come across all sorts of amazing wildlife ranging from a huge variety of birds to koalas, wallabies and, our most recent visitor, a sand lizard, also known as a Sand Monitor, Gould’s Monitor and the Racehorse Monitor due to it’s super speed.

This lizard might also have been munching on some of our bees! But we hope not!

It’s an honour to be out in nature, working alongside creatures like this and bringing you this delicious honey from NSW.

As beekeepers who harvest and bottle our own honey, we know the true provenance of every jar we sell and that means – so do you.

If you’d like to buy some of our delicious honey, you can order online from our store, visit us at the Port Central Real Food Farmers Market at Port Macquarie (Tuesdays), purchase from retailers who stock our produce – OR – ask your favourite local store to become one of our honey stockists. We hope you enjoy.