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Want to Buy Honey or Learn How to Make Mead in Cowra? Pop into The Fork in the River

Have you visited The Fork in the River in Cowra, NSW? It’s a delightful family-run shop celebrating and selling all things slow food, artisan produce, condiments, gluten free foods (and yes, honey is gluten free!) and brewing supplies.

Dave can talk to you about all sorts of natural brewing from how to use honey to make vanilla bean and chamomile mead right through to how to brew strawberry and lime cider and blackberry wine.

In store you’ll find a delicious assortment of sauces, jams, cordials and our range of honey including yellow box, ironbark, creamed honey and our NSW-harvested manuka – all direct from us here at The BeeKeeper®.

If you need bulk honey to make your mead, The Fork in The River team can advise you on our best honey harvests for mead-making purposes and will order it in from us. That way you can be sure you’re getting 100% pure Australian honey – harvested and bottled right here in NSW. Let us know how your mead-making goes!

So if you live in or travel on holidays to Cowra, one of the things to do in Cowra is to definitely pop into The Fork in the River and fill your shopping bags with some great produce, fresh honey and mead making knowledge.

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Enjoy your visit and your honey!