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Is the Honey You Buy and Eat 100% Australian?

There’s something really special about producing, bottling and selling honey that is 100% pure Australian and you can get that from us here at The BeeKeeper® – unfortunately, not everyone who’s buying honey in Australia is actually getting that.

A recent ABC article highlighted the Australian Honey Bee Industry’s Council investigation and concerns about the huge amount of imported honey coming into Australia.

When you buy honey from us online and at farmers markets and from our fabulous stockists, we can tell you the exact NSW National Park or State Forest or private forest we’ve harvested it from, the types of trees and flora that were in flower, and when our bees were there.

Wouldn’t you prefer to have that kind of honey on your palette and in your body rather than an untraceable honey out of China, India, South America or other parts of Asia?

And why would you go for foreign honey when there are so many delicious honey flavours that are unique to Australia… Yellow Box, Ironbark and Stringy Bark anyone?!

But, besides knowing where you honey has come from, what are some of the other benefits of buying 100% Australian honey? there are lots!

Many farmers and backyard gardeners rely on bees for pollination of their crops…if you’re buying imported honey, there’s just no benefit at the local level for the other foods we eat that rely on pollination.

Money is returned to the local economy in the way of jobs for our beekeeping team and income for their families.

Money is recycled in local communities by beekeepers like ourselves to other tradespeople and businesses who support our business rather than profits going offshore.

When a product only needs to be transported locally, it means hugely reduced carbon miles. This has vast ongoing environmental benefits (and yes – we need a healthy environment so we can all continue to enjoy the benefits of bees and their honey!)

Buying honey locally helps Australian forests, native animals and insects as it means our bees are helping with pollination for the foods they need to eat too.

When you buy pure Australian honey, you’re also keeping the local beekeeping industry strong. If you want food security, that is key: local producers bringing you local product. Stability. Surety. And nature’s sweetness too!

If you’re interested in learning more about honey being imported into Australia, you can read the full ABC article here ‘Australian Honey Bee Industry Council investigates concerns about imported honey’.

Thanks again for enjoying your honey enough to care about where it comes from. And thanks for supporting Australian beekeepers like ourselves – really appreciate it!