The Beekeeper

Do you know a beekeeper? Let them know it’s time to check their hives

April is Bee Pest Blitz awareness month in Australia and it’s more important than ever now that varroa mite has arrived in the country.

At The Beekeeper® we’re just one of 47,900 registered beekeepers (amateur and professional) in Australia who are looking after an estimated 855,300 hives – but it takes ALL of us to ensure the health of honeybees.

This year’s awareness campaign by Plant Health Australia focuses on varroa mite.

It has important information for many amateur and professional beekeepers about what’s needed in relation to varroa mite detection, prevention, and treatment – and a helpful video too.

If you care about bees, pollination, and honey, share the buzz by going to the Bee Pest Blitz website to learn more and let other amateur beekeepers know about it too.

If you’re here for our delicious honey though – and we sure don’t blame you for that because it’s absolutely bee-lighttful –  you can find out where to buy our honey at markets and stockists on our honey retailers page here – or buy online from us with delivery by Australia Post.