The Beekeeper

Creamed Honey is back

Do you remember having creamed honey on toast and creamed honey sandwiches as a kid? What a luxury and a treat! We remember the taste too, and we’ve missed it, that’s why we’ve been bee-sy whipping some of our most delicious honey into a delightful creamy, delicious spread.

The process of creaming honey includes using a starter from a honey that has already candied, and then whipping it through regular honey until the crystals turn smooth and creamy with no sharp crystallised edges. Creamed honey is all natural, but the stirring of it ensures a texture that is super smooth, velvety and thicker than regular honey.

It’s quite a process to cream honey and we also need to keep it at a special temperature while it sets in the pot for you. When you get it home, keep creamed honey on a dark shelf in your cupboard…if it gets too hot, it may turn back to normal honey texture again, and if it gets too cold, it will be hard to spread.

You can get The BeeKeeperĀ®’s limited edition creamed honey in our Honey & Earth range at Port Macquarie (weather permitting) at the Port Central Markets (Tuesdays) and the monthly Foreshore Market Port Macquarie, as well as at The Bellingen Community Market and through our online honey store whenever we have it in stock.