The Beekeeper

Australian beekeeper Daryl Brenton holds hail in front of beehives

All Hail Australian Honey

There has been some absolutely wild weather on the Mid North Coast of NSW over the last few seasons, from drought to bushfire to floods – and most recently – some hail thrown in for good measure!

These pictures were taken while our bees were enjoying dining on some Coastal Blackbutt blossoms on the NSW coast – well, they were enjoying the nectar and pollen before they had to fly home fast to escape the little balls of ice. Our beekeepers had to make some fast moves too to avoid being pelted!

When you see in our online honey shop that some of our Honey & Earth and The Beekeeper® honey harvests or Manuka honey are out of stock, it’s either because they were super, super popular, and/or because nature has the last say on what trees blossom, when they blossom, how long they blossom for and how much nectar is produced.

Some years the nectar flows in great quantity, but if it happens at the same time as it’s raining, it’s just washed away and the bees aren’t able to make the most of it. Other years, the trees don’t produce at all. Everything relies on nature.

This is part of the magic, craft and challenge of beekeeping. 

And it’s part of the magic of honey too.

Not only is our Australian honey pure and delicious, but there are so many different flavours to enjoy, flavours crafted by nature over years of rain and sun and soil, and the efforts of numerous species of plants and our magnificent honey bees. And of course…our beekeeping team who are out there in the fields and forests, caretaking our bees, ensuring they’re healthy, housed and in the right place to enjoy the delicious buffet the Australian bush provides.

Not only do we harvest it (the Brenton family have been caring for bees for four generations), we bottle it for you too, right here on the Mid North Coast of NSW.

Pure, natural honey. No additives. From the bush to the bottle, that’s what we offer you. The best honey – come rain, hail or shine.